Stay grateful

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

Visiting orphanages always leaves me wondering, the smile and happiness on those children’s faces will make you think twice, will make you wonder why we are so ungrateful, we have a good life yet we fail to be greatful and appreciative, These destitute children and orphans have nothing but the happiness they posses shows how grateful they are no matter the little they get. Try to figure out what I am talking about, you don’t have to visit an orphanage to witness this, see the streets around you, homeless people everywhere while we have most of the luxurious things but we always complain and whine.Always be grateful no matter what. There are others who would desire to be in your shoes.

Stay grateful for waking up every morning,some are super grateful yet they wake up from no beds and homes and can’t even afford a cup of coffee. For the family and friends you have, for the education, for the job you got, for everything literally no matter how little it might be. You can start  today, it’s never that late to pick a new positive habit. If I start to mention all the things I am greatful about I won’t stop, it’s endless, I overlook all the sorrows and troubles cause they are nothing compared to all that i have. (I is not necessarily me lol but maybe it’s myself I am talking about). I should also start writing about my real life experiences so that you can get the real picture of where I am coming from,( thoughts thoughts!) Okay so where are we? I mean,just stay grateful it’s a powerful drive, you will learn alot from this, you will start to not take things for granted don’t wait for things to go wrong then you start regretting, write down things that you are grateful for maybe if you do this everyday you might see some light. Remember the things you take for granted somebody somewhere is praying for them.

Also let’s appreciate the people in our lives,those people you can’t live without we have those close friends that mean the world to us but maybe if we start treating them like today were our last day on earth then this can be really something memorable. Treat people this way and see how things will change, show them and tell them that they matter, smile , show kind gestures. Trust me all this won’t go unnoticed don’t wait untill it’s too late, one day you might lose that friend. I can say on this note that even myself I am learning,( I am not afraid of admitting that I am a work in progress myself) let’s appreciate everyone and everything that we have. What if today was your last day on earth?

I hope that you will enjoy this motivational topic and please feel free to leave a comment below.  Live/ Love/ Laugh/


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