“If you don’t know your past, you wont know your future” Ziggy Marley.

I have tremendous respect and admiration for people who are authentic, people who no matter the success and wealth they have achieved have never forgotten where they came from. They are not embarrassed about their families, history or cultural roots. Saddest thing is that many people forget and do not want to be associated with their past or even people who used to know them way back. Be it in the entertainment industry or media just to name a few of them have worked hard and sacrificed a lot to be where they are, what bugs me is how majority of us quickly forget where we came from . Once they have achieved it all they change and want nothing to do with their past little do they know that their hardship tales can be an inspiration to the world, many of us had a rough past, rough childhood, nothing came smoothly, never went to the best academies, but life is the way it is and surely there are those who had the best of everything too.

Some people go through difficulties and hardship on their way to success that they become resentful and frustrated then they feel like they are the once who suffered more than others. Once they make it they are often selfish, boastful and arrogant. You know sometimes you might have worked really hard to be where you are and sacrificed a lot and used the help of other people to get there, but please don’t forget also to share your resources with others. So how do we all ensure that we don’t forget ourselves and remain true. And now my advise goes to you dear reader in the midst of all the wealth and success just stay humble – Humility moves mountains, you may have it all but if you are not humble God can take away what it took you ages to build in just seconds,pray for humility.

also appreciate your family and the people who once helped you, gratitude is important, you don’t have to pay back whatever they invested in you but the fact that you are proud of them and never forget them is very vital in your ladder to success.

Acknowledge and share your struggles and accomplishment – This doesn’t mean that you dwell on those difficulties that you went through in your past, On the contrary acknowledging your struggles and how you overcame them helps you to continue pressing on. you can use your stories to empower others, so many successful people who have used their stories to teach the world have a huge following and people generally have so much to emulate from such personalities. Don’t be afraid to inspire the world with your story you never know who is watching.


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  1. nycsgmommy says:

    Yes! Always remember where you came from and your roots!

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    1. ingred says:

      Thank you for reading.


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