30319149_l.jpgThe most popular quote says don’t cry over spilled milk, do not worry over situations that you cannot change. What has happened has happened, let it go and move on. You have invested in a business that eventually collapsed, don’t regret, you cannot change the situation of things. We at one point have all tried something new and even saved up a lot of money to make it happen but eventually it failed. You keep on beating up yourself, you are tormented, and have gone even in isolation, you are getting depressed everyday. STOP! Don’t kill yourself over situations you can not change, yes it hurts, but there is nothing you can do now. Pray to God to give you more wisdom and knowledge to carry on.

You have been highly disappointed by the man you were to marry, he doesn’t love you anymore even after investing a lot of time and energy in that relationship. Don’t worry, everything happens for a reason and just as they say when one door closes another one opens. We have no capacity as human beings to change things that have already happened but what we can do is just to pray for strength and wisdom from the almighty and also learn from the many experiences. Treat every experience in your life as a lesson this way you will be able to embrace them rather that living with a scar in your heart. Sometimes it can look very tough especially after a disappointment from something or people we trusted but as long as we have faith in God everything is possible.

Even though some of the events that we cannot change should serve as lesson, its not about what happened in the past but what you do now will determine what happens in the future. You still have the power to build the future you want, take note of all your mistakes and correct them one by one. If you invested in the wrong business for instance next time before trying out a new business venture it would be wise to research. If you were wronged by a friend just pray to God to direct you to the right kind of friends. Remember that God will always make a way. Those who stay kind are always blessed.


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