Be in my shoes and tell me what you feel,

do you see my struggle?

Do you understand how many days I forego without enough rest?

I am only human just like you,

I need to be loved and not to be treated like a tool,

I am desperate for you to hear my cry,

Please treat me with love and affection.


Every dawn I am up to take care of your family needs,

but you fail to notice all my effort and don’t appreciate me,

I treat your children like my own,when will you ever say thank you.

I love your family like it were my own,

I am self driven, motivated and respectful.

Yes I am compensated for my effort but that’s not enough,

all I need is love and affection.


Every time I make a mistake you yell without even blinking,

I am just human, you can just lower your voice master,

if I break a glass its a deduction from my pay,

I know you feed me and house me,

I am very grateful to you, but take a moment,

be in my shoes. how would you feel if you were treated the same way?

all I need is love and affection.


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