123753-social-media-bandwagon I am not going to call anyone names to begin with, is it just me who is concerned about people who are too loud about their private lives and everything that needs to be kept private well i have  met a few private people,like very private until i started to wonder the diversity in human behavior. I am deeply in love with private people of late they make me marvel at how interesting life can be without anyone invading your privacy. You will never know whats going on in their lives, not even know about their jobs or where they live. But they are still very cool people, cool to relate with.What I fail to understand is why some people are so lose-lipped about everything going on with them. oh! my job is super fun,oh! my boss is amazing, oh!my boyfriend is the best  and stuff like this, we all know that you have a job going on for you or that you make a lot of bucks but who cares, cut us some slack and just do your shit without parroting. People have so many problems and issues to even notice that grass is greener on your side,let alone some people are struggling to survive and even to find cool jobs so just spare people and enjoy your life and keep calm!                                                                                                                                                        Thank God for the innovation of social media, have you ever wondered what such people would become if there was no Facebook or Instagram? Oh! Mombasa here i come, this is the most famous and annoying caption of them all. Who really cares about those vacation trips you take? truth is, busy people and hardworking people rarely have time to show off on Instagram. The more private you stay the less people will invade your privacy. Learn to be private and just share what is necessary on social media, I for instance enjoy following people who have substance to share,  but what i always find vexatious is when people share too much details about their private lives, sorry honey but your private life is your own story not the worlds story. I do believe in the slogan ‘YOLO’ you only live once but YOLO is not an excuse for you to divulge us in every content of your sorry life which you probably think is fascinating. “I am a very private person my life story isn’t for everybody” that’s me and that’s the way it is. Whereas on the other hand there are people who cant control showing off. They could maybe try to do it positively, not like you are rubbing it in peoples faces. Disclosing information about yourself in a way that gives people a full impression of the kind of person you are can make a better impression, as long as you keep the tone positive. you could talk about your travels in a way to inspire people and to educate them for instance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Another perspective is to think about the dangers of sharing too much information, all of us need to be careful about what we write online, whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, texts, blogs, or other places where digital information has a shelf-life of many years and can be copied and pasted by anyone, anywhere.

Here are a few helpful tips as observed by Forbes:

  • Think before you post/text/email. Could a competitor use the info? Did you copy the right person?
  • Don’t post key information such as physical addresses, emails, cell phone numbers, account numbers, passwords, product code names, etc.
  • Don’t use location-based check-in options available on social networking sites. Do we really need to know where you eat lunch? And do you want others to know you eat out frequently and spend 2 hours a day not working?
  • Don’t brag online about embarrassing things you’ve done, like skipping work because you’re hungover or leaving at lunch to go golfing.
  • Don’t post information online about your health status. HIPPA was enacted to protect your privacy.

You’ve probably heard stories of employers or college admissions officers using information on social networks to check on employees or to accept or reject applicants. You really don’t want to miss on a huge employment opportunity because of your reckless actions. Be private, live your life and have a good read.

P.S I enjoy writing about things i observe my posts are not meant to intimidate anyone.



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