Arrrgh! Monday morning again? Seriously, didn’t we just do this last week? Is it really necessary to have a Monday every week? I’m so with you. I totally understand why you hate Mondays. But we can actually try and turn things around and just enjoy Mondays. I have never met anyone who enjoyed doing anything productive on a Monday, not forgetting that Monday is just a day like any other day of the week in fact it would be sensible if people hated on Wednesday because its so far from the weekend. But Monday being the first day of the workweek should be faced with enthusiasm and motivation.All that we human beings  need to do is just to change the perspective of how we view Mondays and instead start embracing it like we do to Fridays. I know for a fact that not many of you will agree with me on this one but we hate Mondays because of our negative mind set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Experts indicate that the reason behind our hatred of Mondays is a result of humans being “governed by deep-rooted tribal habits” and that we prefer to ease into the week rather than tackle it head-on first thing Monday morning. In fact, those that do the latter may end up burning themselves out before Friday hits.

Have you ever noticed how bad you feel on Mondays? That cloud of blah that hangs over your head the rest of the week feels like an upgrade compared to what you feel on Mondays. It’s like the more you talk about how horrible you feel the more horrible you feel. Murphy’s law right? And what about those terribly perky people around you bouncing around with a smile saying syrupy sweet things like “Good morning” and “Today’s gonna be a great day!” I mean what’s wrong with them right? Who does that? Why do they get to be so pleased with life? Can’t they see it;s Monday? I wonder if they realize that how you feel is a choice and they can choose to temper that enthusiasm and excitement just a bit. I wonder if they understand that you are so committed to hating this day that nothing they say could ever get you to admit they make you feel even the slightest bit of joy. Didn’t he just get the same crap assignment you did? Why is he so happy? While you choose to speak doom, they are choosing to speak life. Same circumstances, different results. Maybe they can’t see the truth with all that sunshine beaming from their smile.

Mondays is always going to be what it is, so you either start embracing it and reevaluating your attitude and thoughts. Love Mondays get up, show up and just Nike it, even if half of your coworkers don’t show up to work, just show up and make it happen. Its not about Monday but rather the attitude of an individual towards the day that matters. Some people will even choose to blame the long weekend that comes before Monday lol but it has nothing to do with the weekend. Weekends are also very overrated i do concur but you go out on Saturday then get up on Sunday with the worlds biggest hangover then on Monday you still complain about how it sucks. Haha, get your lazy bum off the couch and do something. Instead of complaining and nagging about Mondays you should feel highly motivated and positive.                                                                                                                                                                                              Hating on the first day of the workweek will, in turn, set off your mood the entire time because you’re injecting negative energy (yes, I said energy) into the performing of your job. So why not start your week with a good vibe and stop hating on poor ol’ Monday?


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