`Ladies if you like to have some fun lift your hands up,` says your famous deejay. I love dancing and so I’m pretty sure that most ladies do. Some of us just want to go clubbing for some booty shaking and enjoying a Moet or wine depending on what they can afford. Cheers to all those classy ladies who know how to dress up in their LBD`s and enjoy a glass of wine as they catch up on tabs about health, wealth and just name it all. Women like to chat, on a typical weekend i would phone up my girls and just go like,” are we catching up tonight?” because my weekend is perfect when am hanging out with the girls and just cracking up jokes and laughing. I am not ‘very funny’ but the people around me always have a smile on their faces meaning i am a very good company to have around.                                                                                                      In a nutshell, not every woman who goes to a night club is a prostitute, sometimes i get so frustrated when people assume that every girl who is out at night is a whore or readily available for a booty call. There are men who don’t even trust girls who go out dancing or clubbing at night, the truth is not all of them are whores. Also, its really hard to distinguish who is a whore and who is not, but that is not my whole point of writing. I respect everyone’s hustle. Men should realize that sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

Last Saturday, I was with my girlfriends enjoying a glass of wine and shaking our bum bums lol when this guy just knocked me and didn’t bother to apologize. Sorry doesn’t cost a thing, Just apologize and move on. Like really, whats the point of being disrespectful? But what i gathered later as an argument ensued between us is that he assumed that i and my friends were night girls. He even referred to me as a whore! Holy molly!! who says that to a woman? You see my point, most people assume that a girl in a night club is nothing but a whore. As they say that men are reactionary creatures I still find it disrespectful to call a woman a whore just because she is out dancing.

While some people would argue that what you wear and how you dance can easily determine your intentions in a nightclub, I still do not agree. We are living in a society where every woman wants to look fashionable and stylish, so dressing code cannot determine someones intention in a night club. Everyone has their own inner freak, and sometimes it reveals itself on the dance floor, especially after a few drinks. However, if your dance moves are extremely risque, you are not only going to attract the type of guy who has no plans for the future, but will only attract guys interested in hooking up after the club. This still doesn’t make a woman a quit judging girls who go to night clubs and just get to know someone for who they are.

PS: my posts are my opinions and not meant to harm or to alter anyone’s thoughts.


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