you know them very well, people screaming and complaining every other day about their haters but they cant pinpoint who those haters are, ever met someone who keeps saying haters this, haters that then ask them who is really hating on them they wont probably be able to give you a valid answer since there are none, they don’t have any haters but they imagine that people out there hate them, why would i waste my time hating on someone who is not that important someone with a low income wage. People will do anything to seem important. I refuse to believe that someone’s life is that lame that they have go and make up stories about haters.

we all love internet but internet is where people live the most fake lives, lives that aint real at all. take for instance someone has 500 followers on twitter gets 100 likes on Instagram that person starts to imagine they are famous and that they have a huge fan base, its just internet for heaven sake, reality is nobody knows you, nobody even recognizes you. the internet gives the most irrelevant people a little bit of fame.

i will never understand whats with the imaginary haters anyway, you earn 10,000kes a month you struggle to pay bills, you don’t have a lot of friends yet you are always whining about haters hating on you.what exactly are people hating on? I met quite a few haters in my life, but I never met a hater who hated another broke person. Usually haters hate on people doing better than them, but it seems to me, the most basic of basic people claim to have the most haters.

I guess calling out fake haters makes one feel good about themselves. I have real haters, and it’s not a good feeling. You wont catch me making up fake haters just for the fun of it. People who have real life haters don’t actually take the time out to acknowledge their haters. The people who are actually being hated on are doing what makes them great. Haters hate to see others prosper.

My advice to the people with the imaginary haters…..cut it out. Who are you trying to fool? We all know that you don’t have haters, so saying you do wont make us believe it. If you want haters so bad, do something or be someone that people want to hate on. Nobody is hating just because. Haters usually hate the things they wish they could have. So stop pretending to have all of these haters. Half of you are grown with kids, and I would hope that you have better things to do. So stop all the fronting. We know you don’t have haters. You aint gotta lie to kick it


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