“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining, it bores everybody else,does you no good, and doesnt solve any problems.” Zig Ziglar.

The most toxic form of communication is complaining but is it possible to create a complaint free world? like many people i have a love/hate relationship with complaining.

Life is not perfect. It never has been and never will be. This is not bad news. In fact, once we begin to embrace this reality, we welcome a great number of possibilities. Life is never perfect. We know this to be true.

Why then, do we continue to complain about its imperfections?

We complain about the weather, the traffic, and the weeds in our yard. We complain about tight clothing, misplaced keys, late airplanes, and the price of gasoline. We complain about our jobs or our lack of jobs. We complain about nosy neighbors, crying babies, ungrateful teenagers, and lazy spouses. We have become a society too quick to complain.

Complaining is almost never a positive reaction to our circumstances.

I am not a fan of chronic complainers, i really dislike people who constantly whine about the same thing or those who come to me seemingly wanting advice but then ignore my suggestions and continue grumbling about the same grievance.

psychologically, its really unhealthy to squelch complaints, said Guy Winch, a psychologist and author of “the squeaky wheel” By not complaining about it doesn’t mean the dissatisfaction has gone away. you’re just voicing it.”

The problem with complaining is that, hands down, it’s the quickest way to pollute your emotional environment with negative energy. Complaining also barricades all the good stuff the universe sends our way.

This is not to suggest that you should pretend there’s nothing wrong or act like a Pollyanna when a challenge arises. I’m a big fan of acknowledging the truth about a situation and making authentic observations about it. But there’s a big difference between complaining and making an authentic observation. When you complain, you play the victim role, which feeds negative energy to your thoughts, words and actions. When you make a neutral observation, you are examining the truth of a situation without indulging in a pity party or taking potshots at others.

Complaining is also very contagious. It spreads, and it brings others around you down. You’ve heard them — the people who go on and on about their parent, spouse, sibling, neighbor, friend or boss who never stops complaining.

If we want to complain, there will always be things to complain about. If we want to rejoice, there will always be things to rejoice about. The beauty is that the choice is up to us.

Attestation for releasing the need to complain

  • Blessings now flow in the parts of my life I used to complain about.
  • Focusing on the half-empty glass no longer serves me; I am unafraid to instead focus on the half-full glass.
  • As I look for the blessings, I release the victim role and know deep within me that things always happen for me, not to me.
  • I no longer need to commiserate with others to bond with them. I can form healthy, positive friendships to support and uplift each other.
  • I replace complaining with appreciation.
  • When faced with a challenge, instead of complaining about it, I make a neutral observation and open myself to finding possible solutions. I choose to view each challenge as an opportunity to take a proactive stance in my life.

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